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Announcement: Natural Food Store "Araiguma" is Closed - "The Araiguma" Newsletter -

Thank you for your long support. Natural Food Store "Araiguma" has closed down as of today, July 31, 2012. 
Despite the excellent support we enjoyed over the years, we are announcing that we have closed our store at the end of July. We deeply appreciate your long support and love for our store.

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident caused by the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake have caused an unprecedented damage through radioactive contamination. Today, it has become extremely difficult for our store to provide safe food stuff. Despite our tireless effort to secure vegetables from regions that are deemed to be less affected from the radiation exposure, and our diligent checks on the origins of our raw materials, the contamination is getting worse by the day.

The current Noda Administration completely went against the global common sense that all radioactive contaminants of an affected region, including Fukushima, must be contained. Instead the administration went ahead with a "wide-area treatment" of the so called "radioactive debris." As a result, a human-made structural violence of radiation harm is spreading rapidly, through the incompetent, deceitful and criminal policies of the Noda Administration.

The level of harm done can no longer be dealt within the capacity of a single retailer anymore. We are no longer conditioned to say, "this is safe" to our customers.
As for our customers, we seriously recommend that you inquire each and every producer on the origin and the harvesting period of their products to make an informed decision.

We will however continue to disseminate information on the nuclear power plant accident, the level of radioactive contamination, and on dietetics and soap products through Twitter etc., so we encourage you to follow us.
Please feel free to call us at any time while our store phone remains functional for a short while.

Owner, Natural Food Store "Aragiuma"
3-19-3 Meguro Honcho, Meguro-ku, TOkyo
Phone: +813-3794-1848

Posted with explicit consent of the store owner.

Original announcement : Natural Food Store Araiguma
Japanese report by: Merx
Article adapted by: Office BALÉS

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