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Comment: posted on Wall Street Journal article: Vote: Should the World Increase its Reliance on Nuclear Energy?

For some reason my comment doesn't go through so I posted it here:
This is my comment to WSJ article asking for a vote:

The overwhelming support for increased reliance on nuclear power probably comes from the false assumption that nuclear power is more clean, safe, reliable, and can help reduce reliance on the volatile Middle East oil.
Wrong assumption.
The 3-11 Fukushima incident has shown the world that without proper safety measures and countermeasures nuclear power can be more deadly than any other power source and more unreliable when it is faced with natural disaster. The destructive power of radioactive contamination is becoming clearer by the day as did the Chernobyl. A global oceanic contamination is now a materialized concern that would affect fisheries worldwide.
After 3-11 The Swiss government has decided to quit using nuclear power by 2030. So did Japan. The US government has decided to quit constructing more plants. The reasons? Safety, reliability, and economic efficiency. A nuclear accident can cost governments far more to compensate than to operate. Reduced reliance to oil is a myth because oil imports are necessary to run the nuclear power plants. So the more power plants you build, the more reliance on oil.
Nuclear power must become a thing of the past. Human ingenuity should be able to overcome the deadlock of the myth of "safe, reliable, and affordable" energy, which was shattered into pieces through Fukushima. The world should learn from it.

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