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"A love letter to you from downstairs"

It's been over half a century since I waved that small rising sun on you with your daughter on my shoulders. I could only enjoy being wrapped around your strong arms for a very short moment.

My darling,

You've been a departed spirit since the age of thirty two. So how have you been?

I'd love to just get on to a spacecraft to be with you, side by side. You will be a thirty two year-old youth. And I will be celebrating my eightieth birthday. I hope you'd recognize me and dare not ask me who I am. Instead, please say "welcome" and just let me sit by your side, like old times.

My darling,

When I see you, I'll be chatting about many things--about your daughter's family, your grand children, and all the good times we spent together, and just hope that you will be very sweet to me. You will be nodding a lot, gently, consoling me, and praising me for all I have done in my life. 

And then you will take me to your own version of "our park", where we will be greeted by the fascinating cherry blossoms in the Spring, the charming glare of the fresh green in the Summer, the alluring maples in the Fall, and the whitest of the white snows free of any impurities in the Winter. And we will just stroll down the timeless park, embracing all seasons, holding each other's hands.

My darling,

Since you parted from me, I've always thought about you, holding onto my love for you to survive this life. Just for once, if I ever land in your arms again and fall asleep with you, please just hold me tight and don't ever let me go again. Okay?

Mrs. T.Y (80), Akita Prefecture, Japan

Translated by: Office BALÉS

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