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Over 60K Signatures Filed as Petition by U.S. Citizens from 44 States to Secede from the Union (As of 20:30)

Number of signatures as petition from each State
*According to results found at the official White House website.
Now with all data in, how serious AND effective is this electronic petition? I kinda doubt it. Although the total number of petitions filed as of 20:30 JST 11/14/2012 exceeds 660,000 (668,129) signatures in total, of the 44 states citizens that filed the petitions, only 9 (Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Alabama, and Tennessee) have reached the threshold needed for the government to 'consider' them. And this threshold must be reached within 1 month since the petition is created. Even if these thresholds are reached I wonder what the Obama administration would or CAN do. What official response would /CAN they give? And how would that affect the actions/decisions of individual citizens? It really may not be a big deal.

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