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NEWS ALERT: High levels of radioactivity detected in Tsurumaki area of Setagaya Ward in Tokyo, Oct 6 2011

According to news reports compiled by Save Child, on Thursday, October 6 the Tsurumaki area of the Setagaya Ward in Tokyo  was measured to have approx. 2.7 (2.707) micro-Sv/hour of radiation dose, highest detected since it marked approx. 0.4 (0.496) mSv/hour in the Tokyo city area on March 15.  

It is noteworthy, however, that the area was decontaminated with high pressure anti-radioactive cleanser before the measurement took place. The measurement taken then, according to the Wards's Council Member Tanaka Yuko's tweet (with photo), was approx. 4.6 (4.699) micro-Sv/hour, a record-high level ever detected. This means the decontamination procedure managed to lower the dose level by approx. 1.9 micro-Sv/hour, from approx. 4.6 to 2.7.

Ward Director Hosaka Nobuto acknowledged the news and have tweeted away the facts as the story unraveled.

According to one of the compiled news by NHK, high radiation dose level was detected while conducting measurements at a sidewalk in the Tsurumaki area of the Setagaya Ward. Ward Director Hosaka Nobuto has tweeted that the area in question was very small, 1.5 meters above sea level and 2 meters wide. The measurements were immediately reported to the Tokyo authorities and the Ministry of Environment. The Ward is considering to decontaminate the area while sealing off the area from local residents.

The initial reports of high radiation dose level came from a group of local residents on October 3. The Ward authorities took the reporting seriously and conducted the decontamination to find the reported high radiation dose level. Experts who conducted the measurements assume the high level contamination to have detected due to concentration of rain water. Since the contaminated area is a school route for elementary school children, the Ward authorities have sealed off the area with cones and have warned the local residents to steer clear from the affected area.


For foreigners who reside in the Setagaya Ward or Wards nearby, or for those who are planning to come to Japan under Japan Tourism Agency's 10,000 free tickets to Japan campaign, think twice and stay tuned to Setagaya Ward announcements.

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