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Original TItle: 日本国憲法第9条に関して人々はもっと興味を持つべきだ
"People Should Pay More Attention to the Article 9 of Our National Constitution"

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After the earthquake there comes war. 
Politicians wanting their military will talk big on TV. 
And they will fool their people into going to war,
while they just sit and watch from their little sanctuary.
It's been five years since the Great Kobe earthquake.
I remember waking up in a room flooded with water in Osaka.
I turned on the TV and I saw about five parts of the city on fire.
But I thought they would subside soon so I went right back to sleep.
When I woke up six hours later, the entire city of Kobe was up in flames.
What the fuck is wrong with this country?
The reconstruction money fell into the hands of the big-shot contractors,
while local construction companies were filing bankruptcies.
This is what Japan—my own country—is all about.
A politician retained his power using his long-dead movie star brother's name as a catch.
That brother starred in a film as a drummer and he admitted he's not about rock n' roll.
The politician is so tainted with anti-Americanism that he can't take it back no more.
Soon, R&B and rock n’ roll will be outlawed.
Politicians are all so fond of the "Defense Agency."
They taunt they want to help others and help maintain world peace, 
while the truth is that they just wanna use the military to conquer the entire world.
Do I sound like a communist?
I only strive doing rock n' roll.
Yes, I lived on music for so long that didn't sell.
I never thought about learning anything from it.
I was just happy doing my thing. 
I never thought about using it for any particular purpose.
I'm not like those assholes; 
assholes who deceive and use their people
What in the hell do they think they can achieve through that?
And what’s with the budget?
Who is deciding what to do with it?
There are people who will kill for a hundred grand.
And there are people who move tons of money, just like that.
What the hell is wrong with this country?
Yes, the country I was born to and grew up in.
[Readout: 2/2]
Well, let's think about it...
Article 9 of our National Constitution.
Doesn't it sound exactly like what John Lennon would say?
I mean, we're saying that we will renounce war and strive for world peace.
We ARE exactly like John Lennon.
Forget about wars. Let's live in peace.
And let's live in a fair and equal world.
Then I think we can all be happy.
Kiyoshiro Imawano

Published: September 2000
Translated and adapted by: Office BALÉS

About the Original Author: Dubbed "The King of Rock" in Japan, the late Kiyoshiro Imawano wrote this piece in 2000 for his book but did not publish it in the main chapters. His long friend, an influential artist, and avid peace activist and anti-nuclear supporter Reiko Yukawa tweeted the photocopy of the manuscript that caught many of her followers' attention at the end of 2012. Imawano was a long anti-nuclear and peace activist who wrote and performed the controversial cover of Elvis's "Love Me Tender"  as an anti-nuclear protest track which was too controversial that his distributor, Toshiba EMI (group company of one of the nuclear giants) decided to cancel the release of his album. Right up to his death in May 2009 at the age of 58, he remained an active peace advocate who always chanted love and peace in his concerts.

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