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A statement of support for the recently resigned Japanese Trade Minister Yoshio Hachiro

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As America approaches the day of infamy, LDP's Secretary General Nobuteru Ishihara reportedly commented on 9-11 as being a "historically inevitable" event. Earlier, his father and Tokyo Governor Shintaro Ishihara also commented on the 3-11 as being a "divine punishment" to the people of Japan.
Today, newly appointed Trade Minister Yoshio Hachiro tendered and was accepted his resignation for calling Fukushima a "no man's land." Meanwhile, the two Ishihara's remain in power with the protection of legacy media, while an incumbent minister resigns for a single inconsiderate remark.

This shows the gravity of the lack of social and media justice in today's Japan.

The resignation of Min. Hachiro is not an isolated case.

How did Fukushima become a "no man's land"? Who was responsible?
What did Hachiro stand for? The obvious lies in these simple questions.

Aside from the 'unequal treatment' of inappropriate statements, Hachiro depicted the true nature of Fukushima with brutal realism. Hachiro was a dedicated stateseman. He had plans to reconstruct and revive Fukushima and head for a nuclear-free energy society. He had hard knowledge as minister of the truth. A truth that was unbearablle for the weak-hearted but was necessary to be makde known. Not just the local people but the whole of Japan needed to know this truth and come to grips with the reality.

This is the context of his words.

But until now the governmentt witheld the truth from people. We were made to believe that nothing was going wrong. That was a lie he uncovered it. Many people in Japan, especially Fukushima, believe that Hachiro was delivering the truth that none other could dare. They instead feared it. Minister Hachiro was unjustifiably pressured to resign because he spoke of the truth--a taboo for those who want to maintain their businesses. The mass media took large part in staging this trap, and though he carelessly fell for it, he did not lie to his people.

That's what we value.

With all the uncertainties and misinformation, Fukushima will indeed be a "no man's land" for nobody will return to the futile land. Minister Hachiro spoke of a gleam but real prospect of the land of Fukushima and its people. His action and words shall not be criticized, but his truthfulness to his people should be commended instead, despite his alleged misconduct or carelessness to the member of the press. I believe the people of Fukushima and Japan as a whole would stand for him, while accepting his resignation but forgiving his shortcomings. 

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