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改訳:(安全保障法案) 集団的自衛権の現実 The reality of Collective Self Defense


The law for collective defense with America has not yet passed.  Yet I saw this article in the American military newspaper Stars & Stripes.

集団的自衛権の行使を可能にする法律(安保法案)はまだ成立していません。でも、アメリカの軍事新聞である『星条旗新聞』(Stars & Stripes)にはこんな記事が掲載されていました。

The fact that America has already budgeted Japan’s role means that America is thinking Japan will play a major role in the future.


This would be a combat role, and at a guess, would involve more than 10,000 ground troops, and Naval and Air units.


Certainly, America is not thinking that Japan will be a minor actor in a behind the lines role.


Japan will need a draft to maintain such a force in the Middle East.


Concerning Japanese military participation in American wars, Americans use these phrases, “Japan gets a Free ride”, this means America protects Japan, but Japan does nothing in return.


“Japan gets a Free ride”


Americans do not know that Japan pays much for the upkeep of US bases in Japan.  And they will not care.  They will look on this as weakness.  They call this “Checkbook Diplomacy”  which means that Japan pays money instead of fighting.

日本が在日米軍基地の維持管理の為(思いやり予算)に、どれだけの金を払っているか、アメリカ人は知りません。気にもしていません。アメリカ人はこれを日本の弱みだと捉えます。金を払うしか能がないと。これを、“Checkbook Diplomacy”(小切手外交)  といいます。つまり、日本は自らは戦わずに、金を出すだけということです。

To Americans, this is bad, it means Japan is not a trustworthy ally.  What they want to see is “Boots on the ground”.  This means Japanese combat troops fighting in the same battles as Americans, and dying like Americans.


アメリカ人が見たいのは、“Boots on the ground” (ブーツ・オン・ザ・グラウンド) 。つまり、自衛隊員がアメリカ兵と同じ戦場で共に戦い、アメリカ兵と共に死ぬ事です。

In a previous blog post, I said it is not in Japan’s interest to send troops to fight west of the straits of Malacca.


America’s entire Middle Eastern policy, and most American wars, are mistakes.  Failures.  Japan will be pulled into these mistakes.  Terrorism inside Japan will become a definite possibility.  Japan will become a country hated around the world, just like America is now.



And in Japan we will have to learn a new English phrase.  This is “bodybag”.  It is what Americans use to ship the bodies of dead troops home.


“bodybag” (ボディ・バッグ) です。

We can expect a flood of such bags in the future.

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