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BREAKING: Independent anit-nuke candidate Taro Yamamoto wins a Tokyo seat in Japan's elections (OBN)

(Tokyo, 21 July 2013) According to NHK, actor-turned anti-nuke activist Taro Yamamoto (introduced in this video news by Shingetsu News) has been declared as one of the winners in the Tokyo electoral district in Japan's Upper House elections that ended Sunday.  

"I'm happy that I've been declared a winner, but I will not go on doing a banzai to celebrate the win, not just yet. I have done nothing yet," said Yamamoto, responding to an interview by one of the Japanese media. Yamamoto run in the election as an Independent candidate representing his own party Imaha Hitori (Alone For Now). He ended up raking fourth in the number of votes received.

"I will do a banzai to celebrate the occasion when I really end up helping the victims of the nuclear disaster. A thorny path lies ahead of me. Vested nuclear interests will no doubt try to sabotage my efforts. My only friend in my endeavor are the voters who entrusted their sacred votes."
Yamamoto made his debut in the world of show business when he was in a high school. Known for his role in the internationally acclaimed film "Battle Royal" he became actor-turned activist after the deadly nuclear disaster that destroyed Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power plant run by the utility company TEPCO shortly following the Great Tohoku Earthquake that struck Japan on March 11, 2011. 

In the previous General Elections held last December, Yamamoto run against the incumbent of the now ruling party Liberal Democratic Party but lost. He won 70,000 votes ranking second place. According to the results,  Yamamoto has won over 660,000 votes (666,684 in total) in this election, an exceptional number of votes for a candidate with no organizational back up.

NHK's interview with Yamamoto on his victory night

Yamamoto's campaign speech delivered during the 2013 Elections

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